Riley Green, Normal Sunset

This is the final picture in the March series of problem sunsets.

All in all, Riley Green is as likely to get a sunset as anywhere else in Lancashire, for a photograph though, it boils down to whether the Mayor finds the camera in time.

This picture was taken on the Riley Green community funded brand new Lumix TZ70, the new camera is even easier to point and click than the last one.


The picture was taken through the window of the Mayor’s Parlour on the 21st of March.

Spring is in the air.

20,000 eggs have arrived

20,000 eggs have arrived

 Having visited France some years ago, our gourmet Mayor jumped at the chance of what he thought he’d heard from another villager, did he want some Frogs Legs. When they arrived in a huge bucket and were tipped into the Mayoral Pond, it was too late & he was too proud to decline the offer of Frogs Eggs! The trouble with frogs is that once they begin to lay there’s no stopping them. Each single female frog may lay up to 20,000 eggs! Each male frog has to fertilize each and every one of those eggs. The mind boggles………….

Exhausted smiling male

Exhausted smiling male


Sunset Riley Green

sunsetrg 003


Murphy’s Law isn’t it? After the recent Mayoral debacle over sunsets yesterday evening, the sun shone for the first time in a week or two! Under strict instructions, the Mayor’s DIY man, before he finished for the day, pointed and clicked the Lumix LX5 in roughly the right direction and took the above picture, then he departed.
The Mayor is beyond perfectionism and was not very pleased at all. Grabbing the camera he was heard muttering “if you want a job doing properly, do it yourself”, and thus he took the picture below. He told his wife later that trees and sunsets can be anywhere, but that his picture reveals all, and that even though the sun may well be 92,000,000 miles away, the sign is definitely in Riley Green, thus proving his point once again…….


Sort of Sunset, Riley Green.

some sort of sunset

some sort of sunset

ercoldaybedplus 037

Since the Mayor ordered the Sunrise snapshot last week, he’s been demanding a Sunset picture to complement it. However, Mayor or no Mayor the DIY man can only do sunsets when there’s a setting sun. These last few days in Riley Green have been starved of sunshine. Also working from sunrise to sunset is too much for this unpaid lackey. A minimal sun did appear yesterday evening & the DIY camera man did his best. The Mayor was neither happy nor understanding, and has instructed that better pictures must appear very soon.

Bees Knees in DIY, it’s official.

The Worshipful Mayor of Riley Green considers himself to be the bee’s knees in DIY. When her ladyship the Mayoress ordered an Ikea Ektoplink Pine Wardrobe (double) her partner duly offered to construct it for her.

Thinflatpack1webgs didn’t go 100% swingingly well, he said he was sure that there were some bits missing.  Anyway in a typical resourceful manner, he & his wife boarded the Mayoral Limousine for the official opening of a new balloon shop in Bank Top, ( Bank Top Balloons for Blackburn & the World). His well prepared speech was difficult for the gathered crowd to understand since he accidently inhaled too much helium when helping to inflate a sausage shaped big one……….. [Read more…]

Mayor Approves Local Eateries.

In time for Spring Eternal 2015 our worshipful, crowd funded, Riley Green Mayor, has been food sampling in the gourmet estmayorofrileygreen1ablishments within easy reach of his parlour. Wearing his regalia seen in picture, he expects to qualify for bargains. His expectations are consistently and regularly dashed, but his hopes do spring eternal……. His current favourite food is found at the links below, why not try them, you may be lucky enough to buy the Mayor a drink.

Royal Oak, Riley Green

The Boar’s Head

Vaio Tea Room

Oyster and Otter

His favourite at the Royal Oak is Ox Cheek, at the Boar’s Head he prefers Smoked Haddock Risotto, at the Vaio Tea Room he partakes of the Vintage Afternoon Tea, while at the O & O he usually surrenders to the Fish Pie. When wishing to switch off from his strenuous duties, the Mayor often takes his ever loving wife down to the Riley Green Marina and boards MV Romance for that special get-away-from-it-all evening. The food is special, the crew are superb and the whole ambience is beyond compare.

MV Romance



Mayor’s Scares

teepeeweb1 teepeeweb2

The Mayor had a scare last year when our village cricket ground was invaded by travellers. They decided to travel no more and occupied the area for several days. Lockable gates were eventually fitted and no further trouble was encountered. Until that is, a further Mayor scare this weekend. The Mayor of Riley Green was chauffeur driven in a Preston direction when he came upon what he thought was an Indian encampment! The chauffeur was beckoned to pull out the in-car Lumix LX5 camera and point and click in the direction of the encampment. The teepees in the pictures were massive and alarming. However all ended well and the Mayor gave them his full approval. They  turned out to be available for hire, and in this case were being used for a 21st birthday party!

Anyone interested can hire the same and can get full details from:-






Sunrise: Riley Green


At sunrise this morning the Mayor of Riley Green prodded his personal photographer into action. The Mayor declared that the official Riley Green Lumix LX5 camera, paid for by local crowd funding, should be used more often. The photographer duly pointed and clicked in the direction of Blackburn, then returned to his bed. He muttered mackerel sighs, as he fell back into a post dawn slumber.

If you’d like to see a proper picture of sunset at Riley Green go to link below:-




Sparrow Hawk

When all the little garden birds in Riley Green vanish from the feeders we know there is something afoot. More often than not the Sparrow Hawk is eating a Blue Tit bit for an in-flight-light-bite!

Sparrowhawk 006rileygreen

This Sparrow Hawk lands on the Weeping Willow after its meal. It seems to think that the little garden birds will return! There is no chance, once bittern………………




Owl Boxes

barnowlboxweb littleowlboxweb







Our well used Barn Owl Box pictured above, with the new Little Owl box below. Little Owl male birds like to perch close to the nest. Baby Little Owls like to walk outside the nest before flying for the first time.

The Mayor’s odd job man was fully employed last week. Of course he doesn’t even qualify for a zero hours contract, nor does he by any means earn minimum wage. He realises that he is so lucky to work for the Mayor of Riley Green, that wages never enter his mind or his bank account.

Three Barn Owl boxes and one Little Owl box were made [Read more…]