Walking Out with the Lady Mayoress

With her newly found freedom our Lady Mayoress is feeling like a new woman. She asked to go for a walk with me! With her Regalia dangling around her neck, it easily gets caught up on stiles and low hanging branches, etc.. I suggested she removed the whole lot and put it in the Mayoral Safe. It was just like a weight off her mind, she said she felt as though she was incognito without the regalia…….

I took her to the Riley Green Bluebell Woods, she was very happy.

mayday arc 005 mayday arc 007

She’s not used to the wild things of life, up to now, formality has been the order of the day for her. I pointed out that the bluebells, though very beautiful were the Spanish type, heavily frowned upon by RHS. mayday arc 001

After our walk, I decided to build a Maytime Arch in her honour. I used self seeded birches from an old demolition site. She was even happier. Now when we return home in the Roller, we glide through the arch and she knows she’s home.  On special days I may festoon the Maytime Arch with the Old Mayor’s Regalia. Thank goodness we haven’t seen him now in weeks! These days together are making me very fond of her. With her hair up & her regalia down, she is an attractive woman……

Lady Mayoress’s Garden

Well, a whole week has gone by and not a word from the Mayor of Riley Green! The Lady Mayoress, who is far more amenable, seems to be enjoying his absence. She asked me to bring more flowers and trees into this narrative and, while the cat’s away, less of his pompous, arrogant and raucous behaviour. It’s more like letting nature take its course and less Pomp & Circumstance. Yesterday I cleaned and polished the Roller and took the Lady Mayoress to a garden centre where she bought some seeds for planting in her greenhouse. Crowd Funding Finances of course.

I took some pictures of her Pear Blossom and some of her fantastic tulips. She really appreciates my attentions and our friendship seems to be growing.

garden 007 garden 009

I like taking pictures of flowers instead of sunsets all the time………………