Increased Security

Since winning the Annual Flower Festival, 5 Sunflower Category Gold Prize, the Mayoress has been extra cautious. Of course when the Mayor vanished that was cause for much alarm. Now with all the prize money and Tesco Vouchers to the value of £5 she insisted on me fixing up some extra security. Luckily our Riley Green Local, The Royal Oak had some surplus cameras etc.. seemingly doing nothing on their roof (well I think they were surplus). All I needed was a tall ladder and a few tools and lo & behold, the Mayor’s Parlour Chubbsafes Executive Fire Safe Size 65 is carefully guarded from night time prowlers.



Riley Green Annual Festival of Flowers

And so another year has gone by. Each year the Flower Festival comes around just before the more frequented Southport Flower Show. As usual the Mayoress bids me to grow her some flowers which she then enters into the Festival Home Grown section in her own name!

sunflowers 003 sunflowers 001

This year there was a 5 Sunflower category. Of course once again, she won Gold Medal. The prize is a five pound note and a Tesco voucher for the same amount.

I must admit that the flowers looked very good.

I must not admit that I purchased them from Lidl, the rising fast German supermarket in Blackburn for only £3.00…

Surrounded by fields and sandstone walls

Grasshopper wooldaybed 017 wooldaybed 016

Riley green is alive with fat lambs at this time of the year.
Here is an inseparable pair of twin gimmer black lambs, not quite so common as white ones. Also on a Riley Green wall close to the Mayor’s Parlour sat this Grasshopper early on Sunday morning. It certainly would find nothing to eat there, maybe it was planning breakfast on the mayor’s Lawn.

The Mayoress Demands

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Pictures, pictures and pictures.
She is very proud of her self grown Iris……..virginal white.
It stands proud in the mayoral Gardens.
When we were both standing proud in the garden the other night, the camera was called for and another sunset reminded us both of the old Mayor’s obsession with sunsets.

Secret thoughts of the Chauffeur/Handyman/Cameraman

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Since there is still no news of the Mayor’s whereabouts I think it’s safe for me to promote myself to chief blogger and bottlewasher.
The Lady Mayoress insists that I accompany her wherever she goes.
Riley Green has the only Hawthorn forest in Britain and she said for me to take the camera and show the flowers to their best effect. All three colours can be seen around the forest, white, pink & red.  A bee got in the way of the red hawthorn flower!