No Mayor, No Care!

It’s eerie here in Riley Green, we don’t know what’s the score.

No Mayor in sight, do I take pictures or not? Do I clean the Roller?

Do I help the Mayoress in her garden? I’ve no idea. Last night I captured yet another sinister sunset.

garden 005

Yesterday I took a picture of one of the Mayoress’s bushes.

garden 002

You know what, I think she doesn’t know where he is, and better still, I don’t think she cares. As long as I can still have access to community funds, I don’t care either!


April Sunrise Riley Green

I was up before dawn today. After our recent gruelling voyage to Milton Keyes, the Mayor said that he wanted “that filthy heap” cleaning and polishing before today’s departure to Darwen. My supercilious boss bags all the freebies he can and today he’s looking for free beer again at the Hopstar Brewery Tap, in Downtown Darwen.  It is common local knowledge that their beer is excellent and when we draw up outside in the Roller, him in his shiny off-black suit and regalia, promising them the Earth, they think they might be in for providing refreshments at the Mayor’s annual open day in Riley Green. How anyone can be fooled by this biggest fool of all, I do not know, but he always comes away with his belly swilling around several pints of their well popular “Dizzy Danny”.


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