Riley Green Annual Festival of Flowers

And so another year has gone by. Each year the Flower Festival comes around just before the more frequented Southport Flower Show. As usual the Mayoress bids me to grow her some flowers which she then enters into the Festival Home Grown section in her own name!

sunflowers 003 sunflowers 001

This year there was a 5 Sunflower category. Of course once again, she won Gold Medal. The prize is a five pound note and a Tesco voucher for the same amount.

I must admit that the flowers looked very good.

I must not admit that I purchased them from Lidl, the rising fast German supermarket in Blackburn for only £3.00…

The Mayoress Demands

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Pictures, pictures and pictures.
She is very proud of her self grown Iris……..virginal white.
It stands proud in the mayoral Gardens.
When we were both standing proud in the garden the other night, the camera was called for and another sunset reminded us both of the old Mayor’s obsession with sunsets.

Lady Mayoress’s Garden

Well, a whole week has gone by and not a word from the Mayor of Riley Green! The Lady Mayoress, who is far more amenable, seems to be enjoying his absence. She asked me to bring more flowers and trees into this narrative and, while the cat’s away, less of his pompous, arrogant and raucous behaviour. It’s more like letting nature take its course and less Pomp & Circumstance. Yesterday I cleaned and polished the Roller and took the Lady Mayoress to a garden centre where she bought some seeds for planting in her greenhouse. Crowd Funding Finances of course.

I took some pictures of her Pear Blossom and some of her fantastic tulips. She really appreciates my attentions and our friendship seems to be growing.

garden 007 garden 009

I like taking pictures of flowers instead of sunsets all the time………………