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Since the old mayor wanted to show pictures of post boxes while on his travels, we get occasional such pictures emailed to us. This one came in last week from the Mayor of Ruan High Lanes (I know!), it is another one fixed in a wall. It has VR at the top, it is old and valuable…. This one is outside St Rumon’s Church at Ruan High Lanes…………..I had to look it up, it’s outside Truro in Cornwall. These Mayors are popping up everywhere. There must be money in the job. Maybe one day I’ll go for Mayorship myself!

Ambleside, here we come.

The Mayor was off on another so called Official visit last weekend, to Ambleside this time. Second meeting of Rural Mayors of Village Britain, (RMVB).  I drove him there with his usual pomp and ceremony, but he tried his disconcerting swagger and regalia thing to no avail, and ended having to use Riley Green Community Funds to pay for his belly full of ale & the other four mayors as well. He went with the Mayoress who is far more amenable than he, & she drank only fresh orange juice throughout.


I heard him embarrassing her and all around him, with his unnecessary tales of ales in Riley Green and district, saying that there would be nothing in Ambleside to compare with Downtown Darwen’s Dizzy Danny. He shut up very soon when he tasted Hawkshead Brewery’s Jester (as seen above). Hawkshead do a fantastic range of good ales & this Jester is a special, it may or may not be brought into their range. It has only 3.7 strength, but the Mayor had a lot of it. I thought that the beer had an appropriate name, suiting this Riley Green Jester most admirably!

You might like to see the Hawkshead range of real ales

Official Mayoral Outing


The Splendid Willen Church

The Splendid Willen Church

With reference to the title of this post, “Outing” of course these days can mean other things………..However we refer today to the Trip that our Mayor enjoyed yesterday.   Though “Trip” these days can mean other things………… To be more precise then, the Mayor of Riley Green was chauffeured to Willen, Milton Keynes, for an inaugural meeting of Rural Mayors of Village Britain, (RMVB). Together they have devised a plan to work out how maybe a little more importance can be credited to their positions and thereby more financial gain can be procured during their period of office. The Riley Green Mayor (RGM) is a past master of financial gain from office and he addressed the meeting over lunch. Of course, the discussions were in complete privacy, so no disclosures are expected. The meeting was held in the splendid church of St Mary Magdalene, Willen.
The Mayor had the chauffeur take some photographs outside the church while the meeting was in progress.

Letter Box at Willen Church

Letter Box at Willen Church

He noticed a post box in the wall of the churchyard and wanted a picture. The GR in the casting could be our Queen’s Father, George the Sixth, but may be even older. These boxes are particularly valuable and are occasionally stolen. The Mayor has had his eye on the one at Riley Green for some time. (No, not in any way wishing to steal it, more to protect it from thieves, OK it may require the DIY man removing from the wall, and by doing so, protecting it from vandals and thieves.) This one has an elaborate casting of ER V11 for Edward 7th dating back to the turn of the last century. Must be worth a King’s ransom……………..

letter Box at Riley Green

Letter Box at Riley Green (the one on which the Mayor has his eye).