Owl Boxes

barnowlboxweb littleowlboxweb







Our well used Barn Owl Box pictured above, with the new Little Owl box below. Little Owl male birds like to perch close to the nest. Baby Little Owls like to walk outside the nest before flying for the first time.

The Mayor’s odd job man was fully employed last week. Of course he doesn’t even qualify for a zero hours contract, nor does he by any means earn minimum wage. He realises that he is so lucky to work for the Mayor of Riley Green, that wages never enter his mind or his bank account.

Three Barn Owl boxes and one Little Owl box were made [Read more…]

Winter of Discontent



Less a Winter of Discontent, more an Autumn and Winter of no content. The Mayor of Riley Green has had too many irons in the fire. Now with a whiff of Spring in the air, his old fingers have at last hit the keyboard. Will this be the start of things to come? When the old sap rises, who knows what will happen.

July Wedding

valray 029

A pair of bell ringers from our village church, Holy Trinity, Hoghton, were married in splendour on Saturday afternoon. Bell ringers from all over the county came and celebrated. The bells were ringing from about 13.00 until the service began at 14.00. After the service, there was further prolonged ringing. Viv and Ray, the happy couple, had previously pleasantly surprised everyone when they declared their intention of marriage, and the service was enjoyed by all. Viv, from Abbey Village was dressed in a silky looking white knee length frock and Ray in his customary suit and tie. Ray, previously named Raymond Clayton, is the son of the late George, an old Mayor of Riley Green. Raymond who has spent all of his life in Riley Green, will move to Abbey Village.